INDUSTRIAL SERVICES deals with services in industry and civil engineering

INDUSTRIAL services s.r.o.

INDUSTRIAL services s.r.o. was established in 2008. At that time, it was involved in domestic and foreign commercial, consulting and advisory services in manufacture, trade and advertising.

After the transformation, our company has focused its activities on mechanical engineering and civil engineering. Right in these fields, our experts have found out an opportunity to apply their knowledge and experience from the past.

INDUSTRIAL services s.r.o. is a company aimed at implementation of projects and intermediation of technical workers such as welders, locksmiths, assemblers, pipe fitters, electricians and many others.

The company has welding procedure specifications developed according to EN ISO 15614. Currently, it is passing a certification pursuant to EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 3834-2:2005.

It has an international welding engineer available according to EN ISO 14731, and ensures trained workers in non-destructive testing VT2, PT2, UT2, and MT2.

Thanks to the present experience, we are ready to react on a wide range of needs of our customers. Our principle is to provide our partners and clients with price acceptable services in high quality.

Our company also operates in various sectors and areas of the mechanical engineering industry:

– Pharmaceutical industry
– Automobile industry
– Chemical industry
– Gas industry
– Refineries

Our activities:

– industrial services
– assembly, reconstruction, repair, dismantling
– welding consulting and advisory services
– subcontracting of buildings
– mediation of employment
– cleaning services

We provide

– trained welders according to EN ISO 9606-1,2
– locksmiths
– pipelines
– fitters
– masons
– scaffolding
– electricians with Decree §21, 22.23
– auxiliary staff
– cleaning machines

We have qualified and certified personnel available with a wide portfolio of competences, whose long-term experience and knowledge make our company a reliable and professional partner